New City Life Makeover

There are many reasons for moving in to a new city and starting things all over again. It could be a very painful divorce. It could also be because of a job promotion. Whatever the reason is, the point is for you to start with the right foot forward as you embark on a new journey.

Whether you are moving because of a positive reason or a painful past, leaving people behind in your old place is not easy. However, since you have already decided to move on, it is best for you to just accept things as they are and feel good about the changes.

Start with a Positive Perspective

Before doing anything in your new city, you need to set your mind first that something positive will happen and that you have made the right decision. Sometimes, having a good perspective helps a lot. When you think you are heading the right direction, you will feel good about yourself and your environment. However, if right from the start, you are not happy with your new environment, then you can’t expect to be productive later on.

A Physical Change

Though some people might look at it as a very shallow move, but the truth is that doing physical changes could help improve your perspective. For instance, you can cut your hair or have it dyed. You can also do minor cosmetic surgeries to slightly change your appearance. You can also change the way you dress up and your color choices. If you are not used to wearing stilettos, you might want to start wearing them. When you are happy with the changes you have made, it will have ripple effects in terms of your actions.

Don’t Let History Repeat Itself

If you have done something wrong in the past that have driven you to move to a new city, make sure you don’t do it again. If you have had financial troubles, try to be more responsible this time. If you have cut ties with your friends because of what you have done to them, try to improve your relationship with others this time. Change your attitude especially when dealing with other people and you will soon feel the positive effects of these actions.

Yes, moving to a new city is not easy. It is frightening as it is exciting. Thus, you need to take these simple steps to ensure that your decision to move to a new city is justified.

Looking for a New Job in a New City?

Are you out on a new city looking for a new job? While it is already a difficult task finding a job in your hometown, searching for a job in a brand new city is an incredible feat in itself. With new people and a new environment to encounter, it is certainly a challenge for a lot of people who aspire to land jobs, especially those coming from small town into the bigger cities where opportunities and better paying jobs can be found. But with how difficult the job market as it is now and without any prior experience of looking for a job in a new city, how can you overcome this hurdle? Here are some tips that can help you when looking for a job if you’re in a new city.

Establish Connections

One of the biggest hurdles that people experience when they’re looking for a job in a new city is not having anyone else to depend on aside from their selves. Being all alone in the big city is a terrifying experience for most people. But that doesn’t necessarily have to happen now. With all the social networking sites available like Facebook and Twitter, establish some contacts in the city that you’re planning to go look for a job. Look for friends living there and ask for their help. This will help you get a strong foundation in building your confidence and willpower in diving into a new environment.

Have an Available Local Address

Once you’ve got a prospective job, it’s time to submit your resume to the company. If you haven’t moved in to the city yet, a common problem that people have in their resume is their address. Usually, when companies let you know that you’ve passed for the next screening, they’ll be sending you a confirmation letter. Furthermore, having a local address will increase your visibility for the superiors to see that you’re actually living within the city which would not conflict in the work in any case that you do land the job. If you still haven’t settled in, try asking a friend if you can use his or her address for your letter. Once you’ve moved into the new city, you can also use the address of your apartment if you’re renting one.

Salary Expectations

Now that you’re in a new city, your usual salary may not be enough to cover all your expenses once you’re living in the city. Do your own research on the salary ranges on the city that you’re planning to land a job. Getting the knowledge on the average salaries in the locality will be of great help in your decision of accepting or passing off a job opportunity in terms of compensation. This will also help in the negotiation process of your salary by setting realistic goals.

Plan Ahead and De-stress

Most importantly, you need to plan ahead to make sure everything will run smoothly. Having prepared ahead of time will help you relieve all the hassles and conflicts that you may experience in your job search. Don’t be nervous and pessimistic about your job search and manage your anxiety and stress. Once you’ve successfully submitted your application, take some time off to know more about the city and relieve all the stress. Take some time to relax, you could try guitar lessons, eat in the local restaurants or just go around town.

Tips to Make a Move Easier!

If you are unhappy where you currently live and are considering making a move to a different location, you may be worried about how you will find a job and what it will be like to live in a new area. I have composed this article to provide some tips to help make the transition easier.

Find Employment Before Relocating!

One of the most important things to do before undertaking a move is to make sure you have gainful employment before you move. This is something that many people do not do, and it definitely makes the move more difficult.

If you do not have any particular skill or education and are therefore not sure where you will be able to find a job, you might consider taking a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) course. This is a relatively inexpensive course that can open up a variety of different types of job opportunities.

What is an RSA Course?

An RSA course is an online (or in person) class that is designed to help you learn all about the responsibilities of serving alcohol. Some of the topics covered in a typical course include:

  • How to gauge the intoxication level of someone and refuse service if necessary
  • How to lessen the incidences of drunken driving
  • The effect of alcohol on the body
  • How to be responsible when serving alcohol

Besides offering a valuable service by teaching you different ways to ensure your customers remain as safe as possible. It also provides the added benefit of keeping insurance premiums lower and decreasing alcohol-related problems in your business.

What Jobs Require an RSA Certification?

An RSA certification is not only for people who are bartenders. Any industry that involves the sale and/or service of alcohol requires its employees to have this certification. This includes food service where alcohol is served, liquor stores, and any other business licensed to sell alcoholic beverages.

Here is a great website that can help you learn about the different jobs an RSA certificate will qualify you for!

As RSA Can Provide Many Employment Opportunities!

If you are planning to relocate, having your RSA certification can enable you to work in many different types of jobs, from being a food server, a liquor store worker or barkeeper, or even something more lucrative like working in a resort hotel.

There are different rules for RSA certification depending on where you plan on moving, and not all courses are accepted everywhere in Australia. You can receive more alcohol server training information as well as the different requirements for specific locations before making the decision to take the training.

Once you have a job lined up, you can then begin to make plans to relocate to your new town! Having a job not only provides a living, but can be a great way to meet new people and learn about some of the wonderful things your new town has to offer. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in your life from the very beginning!

The Benefits Of Trading Binary Options

Many people are now involved with trading binary options. This is a popular way of trading in the financial market. With this option, it is possible to trade a huge array of financial assets across different markets with bigger rewards over a shorter period of time. In short, despite the small amount that you have invested for capital, you will rake huge profits in no time. This article talks about some of the benefits that you will get when you try this program out.

  • There is limited risk. In this form of trading, minimal amount of money is allowed. This means that you can gamble an amount that is within your means. You can also calculate the risk before spending money which is basically not allowed in other forms of financial trading. Educate yourself and read visit this useful binary options resource here.

  • Huge amounts of rewards are given over a short period of time. Whether you believe it or not, it is possible for you to rake money even if you only spent up to 15 minutes a week. Of course, you can also go on for months or years depending on your decision. In short, even if you only have a few successful trades, you can still get substantial profits.

  • The entire process is very simple. There are only a few steps involved. When you are still a beginner in financial trading, it won’t take time before you can get the results that you need.

  • It is possible to make an investment of as low as $1. Thus, you can trade as little or as much as you want. When you are afraid to take risks, you can start with small amounts. The moment you get the hang of it, you can go for bigger amounts.

  • There are a lot of options when it comes to traded assets. You can choose one depending on your line of specialization. You also have a wide range of commodities, indices and stocks to choose from.

  • The availability of online trading makes it possible for you to trade any time you want. Thus, you won’t have a hard time especially if you are always on the go. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can continue trading.

In short, with all the benefits you can get at a minimum risk, there is nothing to be afraid of in this form of trading. A lot of people hesitated at first, but were eventually convinced that this is the best trading option for them. The Cedar Finance company has a lot of good articles about trading binary options.

Become a HAZWOPER Technician and See New Places

HAZWOPER technicians make a difference all around the United States. They risk their lives on a daily basis, and enjoy doing it. It is an amazing feeling to know that you are cleaning up something that could harm so many people. Like any other job there are ups and downs though.

You have to move where the job is, and sometimes it can be a few times a year. Moving is stressful in itself, but doing it a few times a year is exhausting. The pay is great you can make $50,000 dollars a year. Having to start over in a new place several times a year however… that is scary. I have personal experience with that. My husband is a painter foreman and works in ship yards. In the past 11 years we have moved over 30 times.

Some Tips For Meeting People After Moving

We have three children so for me it was a little easier to settle down in a new place. I would volunteer at my kid’s school and meet people that way. Go to the library and go to all there after school activities. They even have programs for adults. Talk to your neighbors. We always meet a couple that has kids and we swap out for date nights. That’s free child care and a night alone with your spouse! If you don’t have kids join a gym or volunteer your time doing something you enjoy. That way you find people that has things in common with you. For me it’s easier because I’m not shy at all. If you are shy try looking on an internet site from your town; some of them offer chat rooms to meet people.

There are several ups and downs from traveling so much. The good for me is I have met so many people all over the United States. People I have met are from all different backgrounds. I have learned bits and pieces of languages, and different foods to cook. The downside is the time lapse between meeting new people can get kind of lonely. If you are used to having your family around then before you leave you need to set up some sort of communication with them. Sometimes phone calls do not always do the job so use your favorite networking site.

Being a HAZWOPER is a very rewarding job. Moving is what you make it, so just make the best of it. In the end knowing that you have done something good for the world makes it all worthwhile. It takes a very selfless person to go out on the field on a daily basis and clean up dangerous chemicals and other hazardous waste. In my book they are right up there with the military and doctors. If you are looking to go into the field there are plenty of websites where you can learn more about HAZWOPER trainingand sign up for classes. Think long and hard before you go into that profession, but in my opinion it’s a very rewarding career choice.

Belgian Business Behavior

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. You’ve probably heard that saying before. So when in Belgium…, exactly, you do as the Belgians do.

In this article, I want to familiarize you a bit more with the Belgian Business Etiquette, or in short, how to do business with Belgians. We won’t look so much at the part where you actually conduct your business, like sales negotiations or presentations. Instead, I would like to focus more on the “outside” of doing business: the way you look, wine and dine.

As a note in the margin, I should mention that their are and will always be exceptions to these guidelines. These things are never etched in stone.

The Way You Wear Your Hair

Being well dressed, or better, being formally dressed is very often a must when doing business in Belgium. With formal, I mean at least business-casual, which in turn means a suite and a shirt for men (not necessarily a tie anymore).  For women, a dress or mantel piece would be appropriate.

Then comes the grooming of your hair. Short hair is what you would normally see. For men it is at least. Now a day, a stubbly beard is allowed, as long as it is well maintained, and doesn’t grow all over your face. So make sure you invest in a good beard trimmer to take care of your excess in facial hair.

I once was refused a job because my facial hair was “not in line with common business etiquette” or so I was told.

The Way You Wear Your Makeup

For Belgian women (as for many others in the world) it is important to look good. Many women will put on their make up before going to work. In Belgium, however, I haven’t seen that many women wearing make up over the weekend.

Somehow it seems that looking good is a 24/7 business here. Another important distinction to make is that Belgians dress up when they go out for dinner, even in a casual setting. In other words, looking good is important to most Belgians.

Wining and Dining

The above-mentioned two topics sort of come together in the Belgian wining and dining “ritual“.

As I said before, Belgians like to look good and dress well.  This is mainly because they like to come across as successful and accomplished businessmen and women.

When it comes to going out for a business lunch, don’t be surprised that this can take more than an hour and a half. In addition it generally involves eating something like a three-course meal, and almost always will have alcohol being served.

Of course, this is not always the case, but in my longstanding experience, all the business lunches that I have had did include all those three components:

  • Takes over one and a half hours
  • Involves a three course hot meal
  • Includes alcohol

For most non-Belgians, drinking alcohol during lunch is not something that they are used to. If drinking a good glass of white or red wine is not your thing, then drinking sparkling water is perfectly fine too.

The trained eye can easily spot the non-Belgians by what people drink when they are having lunch. I can safely say, that this is 90% accurate: sparkling water=non-Belgian.

Lifestyle in Amsterdam

The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam. The city has adopted the slogan “Iamsterdam” (check out the site, it’s nice!) to further its popularity with the Dutch and with the millions of tourists visiting the city every year. Most people know Amsterdam because of its canals, famous red light district, and of course the other liberties allowed there.

Sometimes Amsterdam is called “the Venice of the North“. While in actual fact the city has much more canals than Venice has. It’s just the weather that is probably less favorable than in Italy.

Anything Goes in Amsterdam

Having spent a good amount of time in Amsterdam, I can tell you that pretty much anything goes in this city.

As a Belgian woman put it to me once: “When I’m in Amsterdam, I feel 50 degrees more freedom“. Although this is probably a literal translation from Dutch to English, I knew what she meant when she said it, and I think you do too.

There isn’t a type of dress crazy enough for this town, and there isn’t a haircut or any other type of appearance that is not allowed. As I said, anything goes in Amsterdam.

Probably the most “liberal” part of town is the old Jordaan. This part of town has seen a recent revival, and has become one of the trendiest parts of the city. Adjacent to the West side of Amsterdam’s Central station, you can easily reach it on foot.

Little shops can be found everywhere, where antiques are sold, or where you can get a good old-fashioned barber treatment, including a wet shave by hand. Make sure you check out the vintage second hand clothing stores there as well. That is if you’re ok with second hand wearables.

More Bikes Than Cars

The other thing that Amsterdam is well known for are bikes. Thousands of them and then some more. I once read that there were 700.000 people living in Amsterdam, and that the population had a total of 900.000 bikes.

For people driving a big family car, and not being from the Netherlands, it does not make sense driving in the city, because those bikers have road laws of their own.

So make sure you leave your car at home or at your hotel and take public transportation. It is not really cheap (Paris and London are much cheaper), but it’s relatively fast and pretty reliable.

Excellent Food

The food capital of Europe is Brussels, but I would say that you could still have excellent food in the capital of the Netherlands. If you want haute cuisine then go for the 12 one or two starred Michelin restaurants (Brussels has 15 one or more Michelin starred restaurants).

But if you’re ok with simpler food, check out many of the other restaurants available.

Dress Down

As I mentioned in the first part of this article, any type of dress goes in Amsterdam. And the typical Dutchman will dress down when going for a bite, rather than dress up. This means that you might find people dressed in jeans and a T-shirt having dinner at a very fancy restaurant.

In any case, whatever you do, however you dress, and wherever you eat, I hope you will enjoy Amsterdam as much as I have.

Come To Australia (But Gun Enthusiasts Might Be In For A Shock)

There has been a surprising number of people who have decided to move from the US to Australia. Australia has a reasonably active immigration program and a number of Americans have taken advantage of this to move.

Many move to Sydney. It is the largest city in Australia. And whilst Sydney is a wonderful place to live it is also a little more crowded than some of the other cities in Australia and is also the most expensive one in which to buy a house.

That’s not to say Sydney is a bad place to live. It has some wonderful things going for it and particularly its beach culture. Of course there are many suburbs located right on the beach, and some particularly beautiful areas north of the city, and if you love a little sun, sand and surf, then any of these suburbs would probably appeal.

In many cases, if you can afford it, you can actually buy properties directly over the road from the beach. Cross the road and you’re on the beach ready for the morning swim or surf. Unfortunately, however, houses in locations such as these are very expensive.

In fact if you’re looking to buy a property right on the beach you should extend your search to some other cities or even country areas in Australia as there is some very good buying next to some wonderful beaches in various locations in the country.

If you’re a gun enthusiast

There’s one thing well worth mentioning about living in Australia however. We know a lot of US residents are gun owners, as this is extremely common in the US. However there are much stricter restrictions on the ownership of firearms in Australia. If you live in the US, are a gun enthusiast, and would like to move to Australia you must understand that the rules and regulations surrounding the ownership of firearms are much more strict.

That’s not to say you are unable to own any firearms in Australia, you are. But there are extremely strict rules about firearm ownership as well as firearm storage in the country. You would be well advised to research these regulations before migrating.

If you do have the right to own a rifle in Australia, perhaps because you are a sporting shooter, there are also strict regulations about storing it. It’s essential that it be stored securely, under lock and key, and the best way to do this is in a dedicated gun safe. If you’re new to gun safes then we suggest you read some gun safe reviews, like these ones, to learn more about gun safes, because it’s essential that you secure your rifle properly.

If you do not you are in serious trouble if caught. Australian authorities are extremely happy to prosecute the owners of firearms who do not observe the appropriate regulations. One person we know, a gun enthusiast, was so worried about this that he decided to buy a gun safe. He didn’t have sufficient money but managed to obtain an installment loan, like this one, to make up the balance.

If you’re a camping enthusiast

If you’re a camping enthusiast, on the other hand, then you’ll be very happy with a decision to live in Australia. The country is enormous and with 22 million people has huge open spaces perfect for the tourist although camping enthusiast.

Whether you prefer the wide open desert, tropical rainforest, beautiful islands, deserted beaches or exciting 4 wheel driving there is something for everyone, and wherever you go you are normally able to camp as much as you like.

So get to Australia

Australia has a huge amount to offer to the immigrant. It’s a fantastic country with wonderful outdoors, great camping, wonderful beaches and its cities are rated as some of the most liveable in the world. And whilst it isn’t cheap to buy in to the perfect location in an Australian city if you do your homework, find out more about the country, research what you want and where you will find it chances are that you will be able to find exactly what you want at a reasonable price.

But remember, if you’re coming from the US and you’re expecting to be able to own 1, or 10, firearms then be prepared for a shock. Firearm ownership is highly regulated in Australia and you may well find that what you expect as a right in America is prohibited in Australia.

Moving to the Capital of Europe

In this article I want to briefly talk to you about life in the Capital of Europe, namely Brussels.

I have been living there for about 8 years now, and I can safely say that I understand life in Brussels and Belgium (of which Brussels is the capital) pretty well by now.

Most people will know Brussels because it is considered the capital of Europe. And with the ever-present EU buildings in the city center and the frequent EU summits being held here, it truly has become the capital of Europe.

An Undervalued City

Many non-European tourists, when visiting Europe, will visit a couple of cities on their trip:

  • Paris
  • London
  • Rome
  • Amsterdam

Although Brussels does get quite a number of visitors every year, it pales in comparison to the above-mentioned four cities. Somehow tourists skip Brussels in favor of Paris and Amsterdam. And that’s a pity.

Because living in (or around) Brussels is beautiful. Certainly the so-called “Croissant d’Or“, or Golden Croissant on the east side of Brussels is wonderfully green with lots of forests and rolling hills.

But the city itself offers a couple of real gems. At first glance, if you arrive at the biggest station (Brussels-Midi), you might be disappointed. But if you continue your (train) journey to Brussels-Central, and get off there, you will see the splendid Art Deco underground train station.

Get yourself a good Brussels guide and find those gems.

Work Hard and Play Hard

Belgians work hard and play hard. Their working day starts early, with traffic pouring into the city from 6am in the morning.

The lunch break is often quick with a sandwich, but if business demands it, a Belgian lunch could be 2 hours with a hot meal and plenty of wine. Don’t hold back. It’s their way of life and culture.

Pollution and Traffic

One of the main problems Belgium, and more specifically Brussels are facing, is air pollution and traffic jams.

About 95% of all cars run on diesel, which produces a really fine kind of dust that lingers in the air and causes invisible smog. This smog is something that you can feel on your skin at the end of the day. Taking good care of your skin is a priority when you live here.

The other major problem that Brussels is facing every morning is traffic jams. Brussels can pride itself with being the capital in Europe with the most and longest traffic jams.

Everyday, 600.000 thousand people (fortunately not only cars) pour into the city in the morning to create the same traffic jams in the evening as well.

So it might make sense to leave your big family car at home and take public transportation. Or possibly invest in buying a smaller car that you can easily park at the so-called Park + Ride parking place near popular train and bus station.

I use public transportation very frequently when I have to go to the city center. I don’t even bother looking at the train schedules, because, during rush hour, they run pretty much every 10 to 20 minutes.

Car Finance Options for Small Business Owners in Australia

The majority of individuals, if not all people, acquire their vehicles or cars through a type of car financing. Almost everyone knows about car financing in one way or another. However, not many people know that car financing for business owners is quite different especially if the car or vehicle to be acquired will be used at times (or most of the time) for business purposes.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the type of financing for businesses such as business structure, cash-flow requirements, and tax considerations, among others. Below are two of the best car finance options for small business owners in Australia and an overview of each to help you make a decision on which option is best for you:

  • Chattel Mortgage. This car finance option is highly suitable for business owners that intend to use the purchase vehicle for business purposes for more than half the time. If the car is acquired through this option, it is the business that readily owns the car without having to tie up capital for the acquisition. Nevertheless, the business is able to claim tax eligible benefits for the car.

This car finance option provides the buyer with flexibility in terms of payment inclusion at the end of the term in order to decrease repayments, however, the same could be waived. The Chattel Mortgage option is best suited for businesses, companies, partnerships and even sole traders that record business income as well as expenses as and whenever they occur or what is known as cash method of accounting because it allows claim of GST in the car’s price up front.

  • Commercial Hire Purchase. This car finance option is particularly created for companies or business owners who will use the car for their business. This option requires a financier that will purchase the car; the business owner will then hire the vehicle from the said financier for an agreed term.

During the duration of the contract, the customer or business owner gets to use the car but he is not the owner. At the end of the contract term, however, when the total price of the car including interest charges have been paid in full, the business owner will acquire ownership of the vehicle. In this finance option, both parties can also agree to include a large payment at the end of their term agreement to reduce repayments.

If after reading the options above you are still unsure of the best finance option for your kind of business and your needs, it is best to get in touch with experienced and credible financial consultant or seek further information at the Australian car finance calculator website that could fully analyze your financial situation and what would be most beneficial for you.

Starting a Business in a New Town

Whenever most people make the commitment to pick up and move to a new city or town one of the first things they do is to jump online and start searching for a job in their future location. This is the most logical thing to do as generally a new job brings about new friends and possibly even a new career. But have you ever considered starting a new business from scratch, totally cold? I’ve recently had the pleasure of talking to a man who has done exactly that and while the going was slow at first, it didn’t take long for things to speed up.

For the sake of anonymity lets call this mystery guy “Gary”. Actually I can tell you that his real name is Gary, but I will keep his last name anonymous.

Gary and his wife lived on the QLD sunshine coast in the town of Noosa and Gary’s wife was a registered nurse. His wife had an opportunity to further her career by taking a full time position at Wollongong hospital on the NSW south coast, so the two of them decided to make the move south.

Gary worked at a local hardware store in Noosa and over the years he has built up plenty of useful skills that he could put to use at his new location, but instead of just applying for a heap of jobs he decided to start his own business.

He already had a business license and everything he needed set up before he even got to Wollongong, and he had even started advertising his services on Gumtree. While his wife was packing and boxing all their household contents to be moved south Gary was decking out an old ute that he had picked up with as many second hand tools as he could find. He brought as much as he could from either garage sales or online to try and keep the set up cost down.

He focused on starting a generic home services type business so that he could chase as much different type of work as possible. He told me that constantly posting ads on Gumtree and any other local directories he could find helped allot, along with placing ads in all the local news papers. He is a naturally friendly guy and as a result he gets plenty of referral work via word of mouth.

Gary told me that anyone could do exactly what he did; they just need to take stock of all their skills and learn whatever they don’t know. He also said that by far the best branch of his household services business was his lawn mowing service. All you need to get started is to get yourself a decent mower and edger, and for these you’re best to look online at websites site like this site here to find reviews of different lawn mowers. Then you can see how the prices compare at your local hardware store. This will help you decide on exactly what gear you want and help you to find it cheap.

Gary also does plenty of small renovations and painting work and says he will have to push that type of work a little harder with winter approaching as the grass will stop growing which will halve his lawn mowing work.

This is actually an amazing story and it really inspired me. Gary is a real go getter and I would not be surprised to see him with fleet of handyman utes and a crew of workers at some point in the future. He assured me however, that he is simply content to pick up enough work to pay the bills and have some fun on the weekends.