New City Life Makeover

There are many reasons for moving in to a new city and starting things all over again. It could be a very painful divorce. It could also be because of a job promotion. Whatever the reason is, the point is for you to start with the right foot forward as you embark on a new journey.

Whether you are moving because of a positive reason or a painful past, leaving people behind in your old place is not easy. However, since you have already decided to move on, it is best for you to just accept things as they are and feel good about the changes.

Start with a Positive Perspective

Before doing anything in your new city, you need to set your mind first that something positive will happen and that you have made the right decision. Sometimes, having a good perspective helps a lot. When you think you are heading the right direction, you will feel good about yourself and your environment. However, if right from the start, you are not happy with your new environment, then you can’t expect to be productive later on.

A Physical Change

Though some people might look at it as a very shallow move, but the truth is that doing physical changes could help improve your perspective. For instance, you can cut your hair or have it dyed. You can also do minor cosmetic surgeries to slightly change your appearance. You can also change the way you dress up and your color choices. If you are not used to wearing stilettos, you might want to start wearing them. When you are happy with the changes you have made, it will have ripple effects in terms of your actions.

Don’t Let History Repeat Itself

If you have done something wrong in the past that have driven you to move to a new city, make sure you don’t do it again. If you have had financial troubles, try to be more responsible this time. If you have cut ties with your friends because of what you have done to them, try to improve your relationship with others this time. Change your attitude especially when dealing with other people and you will soon feel the positive effects of these actions.

Yes, moving to a new city is not easy. It is frightening as it is exciting. Thus, you need to take these simple steps to ensure that your decision to move to a new city is justified.

Relocating And Practicing the Same Job in Australia

Working in Australia is a dream for a lot of people. Not because of the work but because of country itself. You have mountains, deserts, beaches, sea and many other scenery. Don’t forget the big cities such as Canberra, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and many others. Every wanted to see a coral reef? Then you must certainly come to Australia. The Great Barrier reef is the biggest one in the whole world.

For these and many other reasons people try to relocate to Australia. However it is not that easy to get into Australia. You must prove that you will work there. However there are some shortage occupations that guarantee you a job over there. One of these jobs is electrician.

What about Electricians

If you’re an electrician that lives in the UK and speaks fluent English you’re in luck. At least if you always wanted to move to Australia.

There is loads of work for UK qualified electricians if you’re a British citizen. And this will give you a major advantage over other candidates. However to gain an Australian visa there are also other factors that make up the application such as age, how long you have been an electrician, single or married and other elements.

Are my qualifications valid

Yes. The skills you picked up are transferable when emigrating to Australia. Just make sure that you have followed the necessary classes to become a plumber in the UK. Without it your skills will not be considered valid although you could be working for a long time. However this would mean you would work illegally in the UK, because even there you need to be qualified. You also need to follow an apprenticeship before being a UK electrician.

From day 1 you can work as an electrician. However there will be a 12 month trial period during which your completed work will need to be signed off and you’ll have to keep a record of achievement. That last part can be on paper or digital depending on the state where you work.

A transfer of the trades will take place during the skill assessment process. Your qualifications and experience will be translated to their equivalent in Australia. After a year you will receive a full license.

What pay can I expect as electrician in Australia

Because the economic crisis didn’t have much impact on Australia the pay has remained good. Salaries for electricians in Australia depend on the specialization and where in Australia you live. You can expect 40$ per hour at least which is a relatively good wage compared to the one you would make in the UK.

How to move to Australia

Because of the high demand for UK electricians in Australia and the complexity of the visa procedure for Australia you should consider contacting an immigration specialist. He will help you through the process step by step so eventually you can go to the country of your dreams. They will also help you with the skill assessment process you’ll need to undergo when working in Australia. This is only during the first 12 months.

Of course if you really want you could do all this yourself. However it’s so much easier with an immigration specialist.

The Benefits Of Moving From The City To The Country

It’s a big decision deciding to move from where you live to somewhere else. Moving yourself and your family is a huge investment in time, money and hope.

Why hope? Because normally when people moved they are moving to a location where they haven’t lived before. Maybe their current employer has asked them to move from one city to another. Maybe they have applied for and been accepted into a new job in a different city. Or maybe they’ve just decided that they’re not so keen on where they live any more.

There’s a whole host of reasons why people can choose to move from one city to another.

And of course it can be reasonably scary moving. Particularly if you’re moving to a place where you’ve never lived before you need to get on top of so many different things. You need to make new friends. You need to find new opportunities and you need to find somewhere to live.

So today I wanted to relate a story to you about how friends made a successful move from the city to the country. Hopefully this will encourage you, if you are considering moving from the city to the country, to take that big step and make the move.

This was a family who had lived in the city for the last two decades. In fact they had never lived in the country, however the opportunity came, as a result of the man losing his job, to move to the country. Following the loss of his job he decided to search for work elsewhere and found a good job in the Australian countryside.

Of course as I’ve already said the family found the prospect of moving from the city to the country reasonably scary, and were very apprehensive. However they have now lived for six months in a small Victorian country town and are loving it. It’s a good news story and one which anyone else looking to move to the country from the city can take on board.

Why are they loving their move to the country?

They have a beautiful house. The money that they got from selling their house in the city bought a magnificent country property, with change left over. They now have more money in the bank, a much nicer home in which to live and a few acres of spare land which they can use to keep a few horses.

They have new interests. I mentioned the horses. All the members of the family joined the local pony club and are now all learning to ride. They bought a horse for each member of the family, which they can keep at home, and now they are also learning to look after livestock.

The family now get involved camping and outdoors activities. When they lived in the city all of their interests were city based. However they soon discovered, living in the country, that there is a whole host of new interests and activities that they can pursue in the country.

They are only a stone’s throw from the forest, so they can go camping and fishing. They bought, with the money left over from the sale of the property, a nice four-wheel-drive which they can now take into the bush with the local four-wheel-drive club.

They joined the local gun club and are now learning to shoot as well as learning all sorts of other skills so that they can be involved in hunting. In fact they are enjoying hunting so much that they are now purchased a couple of hunting rifles and are learning to use them. Responsible members of the gun club pointed out that they should take their responsibilities as a gun owner seriously, and so they have also been reading some good gun safe reviews and doing some significant research with a view to purchasing a quality gun safe in which to store the firearms so that they are safe in the event of a robbery.

And the children are now heavily involved in all sorts of new activities at their new school and are thoroughly loving being part of a small country community.

So if you’re considering a move from the city to the country and take heart from the experience of this family, and many others like them. It might be a little scary to begin with but life is good in the country and you will be extremely happy made the move.

Changing Your City – Make Sure You’re Stress Free and Eat Healthy

Recently, I moved to a new city, and started working in my new job. I had always lived in my hometown. This was the first time I was having to move to a new place alone. At first, I was very skeptical of the whole idea. In fact, I almost withdrew my application for the job. But then, it hit me. Why not consider this a good opportunity to take up some new hobby, and make myself feel more relaxed.

The first few days were quite hard. I had to travel a lot in the new city, and didn’t know much about any good places to eat. Eventually, I realized that I had to save some money, and relying on expensive restaurants wasn’t the only option. Thus, I decided to cook my own food. But we’ll come back to that later.

For those of you who have relocated to new cities for their jobs, you must realize how you’re stuck in a vicious circle of stress and expenditure for the first few days. I was stressed, and didn’t know a lot of people. In order to relieve my stress, I started going to clubs and parties. I spent a lot of money. My increasing expenditure started giving me more stress. I knew I had to find a solution, and luckily, I did.

Meditation to Reduce my Stress

When you’re meditating, your body is able to relieve stress, and make you feel more relaxed. It’s the perfect way to balance your body and mind. In the beginning, I started meditating for about 10 minutes everyday. It wasn’t long before I felt more energetic and active. Thus, I increased this time to 30 minutes each day.

I get up in the morning, and meditate for 15 minutes. I make sure I sit in a noise free room to focus on my positive energy. Since I started meditation, I have even been more productive at work. My migraine headaches are gone, and blood pressure is back to normal.

The second session is also 15 minutes after I come back home from work. It makes me relieve the stress built up in my mind after a day’s of work and travel. Meditation has kept me going through this major change in my life. I use numerous techniques. If you want to know about these techniques and gather more information about meditation, go to

Cook My Own Healthy Food

As I mentioned earlier, I realized I couldn’t just keep spending my money on expensive restaurants. Therefore, I planned to take cooking lessons. It quickly became a hobby, and I started cooking my own food. Once I knew how to cook delicious recipes, I bought a pressure cooker. It was an excellent choice.

With my pressure cooker, I was able to cook many different kinds of food items quickly. I started cooking gravy dishes, chicken, steak and more. Currently, cooking has become my passion. I love my home cooked food, and enjoy a healthy diet. It’s worth mentioning that you should conduct a thorough research while buying a pressure cooker online. It’s important to gather all the information about the brand, price and features. If you want to know more about pressure cookers, check

Consider a career in plumbing: a high demand skill as shortages grow in the major cities

As construction booms around the major cities of Australia, so does the need for skilled tradesman, and demand is currently far outweighing supply in the plumbing trade. Now is a great time to consider a career in plumbing for anyone looking to start a trade, or for anyone moving into the city in search of a lucrative career.
Developing a career in plumbing can involve a bit of a rough start, but with hard work and the right skills this could become an extremely lucrative business. Plumbers are always needed in Australia and there will be many projects to perform as a plumber around the cities. If plumbing feels like a viable career for you, there is some important information to know concerning the job and pathways towards this career.


Getting Started

Plumbers need to be good with their hands and their minds. Though you may believe that plumbing is simple and easy, the process of fixing intricate pipe systems and issues requires a lot of knowledge on the subject. Shaky or unsteady hands will not get your hired. You need to be sure of yourself and your skills, especially where your hands are involved. The work may involve busted pipes and undesirable substances, so you have to be prepared. Plumbing can also be a dangerous endeavor, so attention to your surroundings is vital.
Additionally, being a plumber requires quick thinking. As a contractor or business head, you’ll need to be able to perform mathematical calculations concerned with plumbing or with payment. While a calculator can always help, you’ll still need proficient math and reading skills to succeed in the field. It will also help if you are knowledgeable on plumbing product information as clients will often ask for recommendations and advice. For example, if you were asked “what is the best water softener for me?” referencing resources such as this one would help in answering questions correctly. With a career in plumbing, your work hours will usually be rather flexible, but you may also have to work on weekends, an important fact to be aware of.



In Australia, a skilled, certified plumber has a much larger range of jobs to choose from and they’re always in high demand. In order to work legally as a plumber, you’ll need a license or certificate. There are a variety of education boards that offer certificates in plumbing, and this is a great way to develop your skills, as its a very hands-on learning process. The certificate will also boost your resume and experience, showing to a potential employer that you are a trained adequately.
Another way to gain experience in the field is through an apprenticeship at vocational schools. You can take tests to prove your skills and get licensed to become a legal, registered plumber in Australia. To fulfill these requirements, you should plan to spend at least three to four years learning and developing your career.


Job Expectations

Before seeking the certificate, you should know what kind of work will be expected of you. Plumbing is much more complicated than just unclogging a toilet and you’ll definitely need to be able to do a lot more than that. As a certified general plumber in Australian, you’ll need to complete a variety of tasks according to the Australian Skills Classified Occupation 4431-11, including but not limited to:

  • Installing hot and cold water systems
  • Fixing and installing pipes
  • Installing sewage and disposal systems
  • Assembling home systems, such as heating, air, and water
  • Implicating underground drainage

In addition to the plumbing skills above, you’ll also need other basic work and job skills. These could also encompass:

  • Working well with others
  • Being able to design your own makeshift solutions
  • Performing numerical calculations


Plumbing is a job that requires more than just being able to fix things, and you’ll need all these skills to be successful in the business. With the right mindset and learning path, you could well be on your way to a lucrative plumbing career in no time.

How to Get Your Dream Job in the Big City

Today’s job market is one of the worst in recent memory. Tens of thousands of people will compete for a job at a company with only a few dozen openings. People that are just entering the job market and people that have been in the job market for an extended period of time will be in particularly disadvantaged positions. People coming from small towns and cities also have a hard time competing in bigger cities. It’s important that the people that are competing in the job market don’t shortchange themselves in other ways.

Acing a job interview can be the first step towards securing a high-paying job. There are plenty of people without all that much work experience, but they manage to ace job interviews. As a result, they will get the work experience they need and become all the more confident in the future.

Being Presentable at Job Interviews

Regardless of what people may want, job interviewers do judge people according to how they present themselves at job interviews. Wearing a nice, well-fitting, clean business suit or other piece of formal clothing is essential for people that want to make the right impression at job interviews.

Getting a stylish haircut before a job interview can help, but it is not strictly necessary. Having clean, tidy, well-groomed hair should suffice for most people. Men should be clean-shaven or have tidy, trim beards. Less is more with regards to makeup: garish or obvious makeup can potentially send the wrong signal.

People with skin problems should try to minimize them as much as possible. Foundation can be used to cover up skin imperfections and shadows bordering the eyes, as well as cold sores. Find home remedies for fever blisters or cold sores that can help you prepare for an interview. There are plenty of home remedies that people can use to improve the outward appearance of their skin. Using a touch of baking soda, for instance, can sometimes work as well as foundation for people with certain skin tones. Visit Know Your Remedy to learn more about treating cold sores and canker sores. However, skincare using everything from tomato paste to papaya can make all the difference for people that are trying to improve the condition of their skin in advance.

Job Interviews and Behavior

One of the main purposes of job interviews is assessing an applicant’s basic temperament. The answers to the questions that job interviewers will ask are often not as important as the manner in which they are answered. Job applicants should be relaxed, confident, friendly, and energetic. If they project a temperament like that, they will create a good impression.

Being well-spoken will also make all the difference for most job applicants. Anyone that naturally has articulate speech patterns will have a huge advantage in the job market. Brushing up on elocution or taking elocution lessons can certainly help other people in the basic job interview process.

Job interviewers want people that are positive and thoughtful. Being positive does not mean being obsequious. Some interviewers will ask some questions that more or less require their applicants to be temporarily critical of something about a given company or about a given job. Being able to respond to these tricky questions with poise and confidence will make all the difference in a job.

5 Easy Ways to Find Your Feet in a New City

Moving into a new city can be quite a handful. If the hassle of making sure everything is in place isn’t enough, you are faced with new faces, new places, and most of all, a completely different lifestyle, all of which you must take in and learn to live with.

It’s certainly not easy, but here are five easy ways that can help you in settling into the environment of a new city:

Reach Out and Get Involved

You can start out by introducing yourself to everyone you see such as neighbors or colleagues. The best way for you to find out more about the town or city is to get involved with the people. They will give you all sorts of tips and advice regarding the best things about the place. Once you’ve started settling in a bit, you can consider attending local events that seem interesting to you. You can even opt for some interesting activities such as taking a class, volunteering, or joining a sports league; anything that makes you feel connected to the new place!

Find the Necessities

Walking, driving, or riding around your new town will help you learn a lot regarding the directions and locations. The quicker you learn where all the necessities are located, the quicker you can adapt to the new environment. So make sure you head out every now and then to the nearest post office, supermarket, library, pharmacy, etc. and take note of the directions.

Locate What You Admire

Just because you’ve moved doesn’t mean you’ve to give up on everything that makes you who you are. Stick to your interests and hobbies and find the places in your new town that can hook you up with these. If you’re into art, you can track down nearby galleries that might be of your interest. If you love music, you can search for a local jazz or rock club. Several websites such as and will be of utmost assistance in this regard. Plus, local newspapers also offer the best help.

Reinvent Yourself

Never forget that this change in your life is a fresh start for you. As such, it is probably the best time to pursue any dream you’ve always wished to accomplish. Start that sports betting site, change your career or take up golf. It is a great time to reinvent yourself. So don’t let it go to waste!

Stay True to Your Roots

Staying true to your values will keep you from feeling homesick. For starters, you can subscribe to the newspaper or magazine from your previous city to stay on the loop regarding any updates in your old town. You can also put souvenirs or photos from your old town on display in your new home. Just make sure you know your limits with this one – you don’t want your past to hold you down or keep you from moving forward with your life.

Making Money Online Selling Online Pregnancy Test Calculators

Starting over in a new city can be very daunting. This is especially true if you don’t know anybody in the area that you’ve relocated to. This challenge applies to both finding a new job in a new city, and also to making new friends in a brand new city. However, making new friends is probably the easier of the two challenges. On a scale of one to ten, making new friends would rank a 4, while getting a new job would rank a six. So definitely finding a new job is the tougher of the two challenges. Making new friends is not always easy. People tend to make best friends very early on in life. This means if you’re the new boy or new girl around, it may be quite challenging to find your way into a new clique.

A good place to make friends though, is always at work. If you’ve relocated, then you are bound to meet new people at work. So that is the answer to the first of the two challenges. If you have a job in your new city but you’re struggling to find a life outside of work – start by making friends at work. From that starting point your circle of friends will grow and before long you’ll be painting the town red with all your buddies. As mentioned, it is much harder to find a new job in a new city, if you’re starting completely from scratch. The first point of departure is to check all the local newspapers. Just go through the want ads. It sounds like a pretty uninspired approach, but what works, works. And this really is the most simple and effective way to find a job. You can approach the want ads method the traditional way, this is by hunting through newspapers classified sections. You can however also approach the want ads method in a more modern way. There are tons of classifieds on the internet. Simply find the best online classified website for the area you’ve relocated to. If this method doesn’t work for you then you can always try making money online with your own website. There are tons of ideas for selling products over the internet. If you can’t find a job, then this is a great way to empower yourself and become self employed.

A friend of mine tried this and started a website that ended up being a huge success. He started off by selling online pregnancy test calculators and this idea expanded into what became a fully stocked online pharmacy. He finally ended up selling all kinds of pharmaceutical products such as weight loss tonics, various medications at discounted rates, and all kinds of products that you’d normally find at a pharmacy. The idea expanded so far that he eventually started doing blood pressure tests online as well! His online website became so successful that he could hardly believe himself that he started off with the modest idea of selling pregnancy test calculators.

Community Gaming Is a Big Part of City Life

gta 5 cheats xboxAn interesting part of city life comes from how many different urban communities can offer some hobby-based groups. Part of this involves community gaming. This is where people can get together to play video games of all sorts. It is an aspect of life in urban areas that is interesting for all to see.

People can play games like Grand Theft Auto 5 with one another in many different environments. In many cases people can compete in co-operative or competitive games in different community settings. Some can also share information on different games like offering GTA 5 cheats Xbox like what has to list.

Community gaming activities are truly fascinating. They allow people who live in such urban areas to have a little more fun with one another. Those who are moving into such a place should see how this can all work when finding something interesting to get into.

How Does This Operate?

Community gaming activities work with a few simple points. What happens at the start is that a group can set up a space to play different games in. For instance, a local building like a business office or a bar can set up many game consoles that can play certain games. These may be linked to several controllers and some games can also be linked together through many consoles to allow for co-operative play.

After this is done, people can bring their own games with and then play others. In some cases a community gaming group will already provide a game to play and lay down some tournament rules or co-op play parameters to use for the gaming session.

Why Is This Popular?

This is a highly attractive point that may prove to be rather interesting to some. The reason for this is because it makes it so the people who are participating will have a little more fun and get to know each other. Sometimes video games can really get people in a local urban community to know one another and to have a little bit of fun outside of work.

In addition, this can also help to encourage a semblance of friendly competition. Many people who compete in games involving GTA 5 can really have a bit of fun by challenging others to get better scores or to get certain objectives done first. Many people can start to ask about different GTA 5 cheats Xbox at such an event too. The things that people can talk about while at such an event can vary but they will certainly provide people with some fun things to talk about and enjoy using for whatever it is one might have an interest in.

Community gaming is a very appealing part of urban life that is worth exploring. People who compete with one another in such games can really have quite a bit of fun thanks to how community gaming allows people to interact with each other outside of a work environment. It’s a unique part of city life outside work that allows people to relax and enjoy one another for a change.

One Doctor That Setup A Website To Help Expectant Mothers Know How Far Along They Are

People say that studying medicine is a calling and not just a career. And once you enter the field of medicine, there are so many different areas of practice to specialize in. I believe firmly that if you are going to be a good doctor then you have to really love the field of work that you are in. It is a job where you need to be dedicated to helping people, and an essential part of that is to truly care about your patients. It’s not a nine to five office job where you can just switch off when you leave for the day. It’s so much more personal than that. But yet, you have to bear in mind that it is still a job. This is the job you do to put food on the table and to provide for your own family.

So if you are running your own medical practice, there is that element of it that is still a business. The perfect medical practice strikes a balance between these two elements. On the one hand you have to really care about your patients well being and devote yourself to helping them, and on the other hand you have to remember that you are doing a job and you still need to get paid at the end of the day. If you can strike this balance, your medical practice will flourish. A friend of mine is a gynaecologist and he has this balance down to perfection. I admire him so much for his care and nurturing of his patients, while at the same time not succumbing to the pitfalls which can result from caring about your patients too much – for example – the inclination not to charge them! Dr Matthews had an ingenious idea that put him in a position to assist his patients and save them money as well. What he so brilliantly did was, he set up an online website to help expectant mothers know how far along they are.

His reasoning was twofold. In the first instance, he wanted to assist patients who could not afford his services. There are so many people who cannot afford the services of an experienced and renowned gynaecologist (as he is). So he set up this site as a community service. On the other side of the spectrum though, this was also a brilliant business move for his practice because it provides him with a platform to advertise and grow his reputation as a leader and innovator in the industry he specializes in. The business he now gets as a result of this website has also inadvertently increased his patient list. He primarily set it up to assist the community, but the knock on effect has also been positive for his medical practice. So the great news for expectant moms is, if you cannot afford this renowned doctor, simply log on to his website and fill in the information sheet he has set up. This will give you instant access to his pregnancy calculator and weekly newsletter.

Are Criminal Justice and Police Jobs Transferable to America?

Australia has come a long way since its initial discovery and that silly little stint as a “prison” a while back. Today the Aus we all love is a paradise of sand and surf, great culture and friendly folks and all that goodness comes from those prison roots. This history gives us a bit of a difference when it comes to criminal justice, police and prison culture especially when compared with a country like America. Though we now live in a global society and are able to get a look at US culture through TV dramas and news, you may not realize just how different things are in many parts of America when it comes to police, prisons and the court system.

If you think you’d like to work in America and have a Criminal Justice Degree (and good for you because Australia has some great schools on the subject) then you should get filled in before you make the trip.

First thing to consider is just how large the US police system is; there are so many people in very large cities and that requires a lot of officers, in fact police officer is the most common job in the criminal justice sector by a large margin and you may think that you would make a great candidate for this industry that is always looking for good people. You need to wait a minute though and consider just what it takes to become a police officer in the USA. First of all, the basic requirements you’ll need to pass require that police officers are US citizens, so unless you are, you’ll have to either wait to pass the very time consuming process of becoming a citizen, or shift your view to something a bit more in reach.

Just because you might not be eligible to join the police force, that doesn’t mean that you are out of luck in America. The private sector is a booming business opportunity, especially in the investigative and law enforcement sectors, where police training and experience go a long way. Investigation skills are prized in many private sector industries; law practices looking for facts to support their case use investigators to check on people and fact check cases, insurance companies want to know if claims are bogus or not and if things are as they seem and even self employed investigators who look into cases for private citizens are operating everywhere.

If you are still interested in pursuing police work in the United States then you should formulate a plan of action and plan to wait at least a few years. Getting experience in your local police service is a good start as experience is extremely important in the trade. Military training is also a big plus and if you are serious about the profession, a few years in the armed forces will also provide a lot of valuable experience and skills.

Criminal justice careers and police work are important everywhere in the world and help keep us all safe and free. Though it may not be the most easily transferable job between national borders if you are dedicated to the idea of making the move you can get it done.

Fighting Crimes or Fires in New York City May Require Lasik

A friend of mine recently relocated to New York City and she was telling me that one of most unexpected changes to her life from the move was that she no longer had to wear glasses. No, she explained, she wasn’t magically healed by the city. Instead, she had undergone Lasik eye surgery before she relocated because she works in law enforcement and New York City has stringent uncorrected visual acuity requirements in place for their police officers and firefighters.

Without Lasik, her eyes just didn’t meet the standards the department required. Having always wanted to live in New York City, as a little girl her favorite game wasn’t ‘house’ it was ‘Manhattan Apartment,’ she didn’t want to let the opportunity slip away from her when she new she could have her vision surgically corrected. While the cost of Lasik required her to save some months, she calculated the alternative: glasses purchases…and the loss of her dream job and decided it was well worth the outlay.

Since taking the job, she has described the other benefits of having perfect uncorrected vision:

“When I am out in the heat, I’m not sweating on my glasses and then trying to clean them with my shirt, leaving everything in a bit of a haze. I can also wear super dark sunglasses when I want and don’t have to switch back and forth between regular glasses and sunglasses everytime the light changes or I go inside. I had those photogray lenses, but they just never got dark enough – or changed fast enough – for me.”

Something else that she brought up was just how much easier it was for her to find her way around. Prior to the surgery, she had required bifocals but she had never felt like she could see as clearly as she wanted when switching between focusing on her dashboard GPS and the world beyond her windshield.

Finally, she said, not wearing glasses has boosted her confidence:

“You know how the girl in the movies always becomes beautiful without her glasses? I wanted to go ahead and be that girl. I’ve always felt I look better without my glasses, but not if I’m bumping into tables and chairs. After the Lasik, I can go out with just my face – no smudgy glasses sliding down my nose, and no squinting at people when I’ve taken them off. It may seem like a small thing, but I really think I’ve been more talkative and outgoing since I feel better about how I look.”

With this newfound confidence, she has been able to make more friends in the area. She actually met some of them in the doctor’s office, but more importantly, she really feels that her newly corrected vision makes it easier for her to do her job.

Sometimes, it’s the things that you don’t immediately think about as being part of moving that have the most profound impact on the experience. And maybe having to make some changes at the same time that things around you are changing, isn’t so bad after all.

Know Where You’re Going and What You Need

Relocation is never easy. Never. Even when it’s an employment opportunity organised by your current company where you have the advantage of a corporate who’s done this before holding your hand and making the arrangements. Plus, the semblance of something in common with the people you’ll meet on the other side. Despite all these, culture shock can set in. And yes, you’ll find culture shock even moving in-between towns. It’s important to stay kind to yourself during the process.

There’s way you can reduce the strain on yourself during the relocation process, of course.  You can find a stack of great tips for relocating here, but today I want to focus on just a few.

My first point is achingly obvious, but you’d be surprised how often it’s an issue- and that’s why I’m giving it special focus today. Know what you need for where you’ll be working. Sound simple? It isn’t always. Especially if your relocation is spanning continents. Even if your employer is handling all or part of the arrangements, you need to be an active participant in this process. Your employer may be operating on the assumption that you have the paperwork you don’t. Many countries require visas, especially if you’re entering the country to work. You’d be flabbergasted by the amount of people who don’t notice their passport has expired until they get to the front of the immigration cue!

Those are obvious documents, though. Be sure to check for hidden ones too. For example, safety legislation here mandates that those in construction have valid white cards to work in Australia.

The white card is a piece of safety legislation that mandates construction workers (and those in related fields) to undertake safety induction and accreditation. For those who are familiar with the requirements of working in the construction industry, you may note that it is an updated version of the old ‘green card’. Too much can go wrong in this dangerous industry to trust immigrating workers whose training has not been checked. Therefore, it’s extra vital that those immigrating to our country take care of this piece of required legislation – or they won’t be working.

It’s just one example of the many snags you can hit if you’re not paying attention during your relocation process. Look around your own industry and make sure you’re not missing anything.

There’s one other relocation tip I’d like to highlight today. It’s a little more ephemeral then my first- it’s the feeling of being comfortable. Of fitting in. It’s all well and good in your new town when everything is going right, but you’ll feel your first pangs of regret the first time real life steps into the breach. Remember you’re never alone, especially in the digital age – if you’re feeling at a loss in an unfamiliar area, let Google step in to help you.

For example, after a DIY disaster of my own in the US one year, I was left with a streaming tap, a broken faucet and not much clue how to fix it. I wasn’t even used to the American water system, let alone capable of navigating through a minefield of unfamiliar brands. I wasn’t keen or well enough budgeted for hiring a plumber, but my usual DIY fallback was missing too. Cue Google, and my discovery of for the best kitchen faucet reviews for the American market.  I was able to figure out the best tap for my own needs, despite the unfamiliarity of the market and my own sudden pangs of homesickness. With their helpful breakdowns, specifications and reviews,  life felt a little more normal – maybe I was in an unfamiliar city with few friends, but at least I could still fix my own darn taps like I could back home.

Don’t be afraid to reach out, even just online, to help yourself feel more comfortable in your new home.

Driving to Your Next Interview? Check Out These Tips on Landing a Job in a New City

Finding employment in a new city does not have to be difficult if you plan ahead and get everything in order. The following information will help people to understand the steps they need to take to get them through this process.

Find a Job while you Work

A wise person will never quit a job without having another job to take its place. It’s just not smart.

People who decide to move to another city should start looking for a job in that destination at least six months in advance and should not stop working in their current job when they are planning on moving to another town. Since they will need money to help them move and to pay their bills and should never relocate to another city without having a start date for a new job.

Networking and Social Media

Networking might be a necessary option for people who are having a hard time finding a job within a different city. Connecting with people in an out-of-town location can open up new doors that could lead to a job. Some people might not know anyone in a new area and these individuals can use social media to help them find a new gig.

Social media could be used to follow a company and learn about job openings and company events. Nearly all companies and businesses have websites and people can learn about job openings on their web pages. They can also contact human resource departments through social media sites and learn about job openings in this way.

A person could find out about a company sponsored event and go to that function to meet other employees. This will give them an opportunity to establish new contacts that could help them to find a job. People can also ask their friends or acquaintances if they know anyone who lives in the city where they plan on settling down. These individuals could also create opportunities for finding a new job.

Always be Prepared

People who are searching for a new job within another town should be ready for any type of opportunity is available. They should have enough money put away for traveling out-of-town for an interview, and if money is tight, you could always throw on one of these and make it an inexpensive road trip. They should also have resumes ready to hand out to employees and they should consider getting a set of personal business cards that lists their essential contact information.


Sometimes a person will get an interview before they relocate to another town. Truck driving is a prime example of this; if you are thinking of taking on a career in this, you should understand that relocating is just part of the job. If the opportunity happens to present itself an individual should have enough personal time, vacation or sick days saved up so they can take time off for the interview. A person could lose their job or mess up their work record if they have to call off work to complete the interview.

Friends and Family

Having friends and relatives in a new location can help to make their transition to a new city a lot easier. This is especially true for people who can stay with family and friends once they arrive in their new destination. However, a person can not stay in that situation forever and they will need to find work. People should wisely use their family and friends help to find a job as soon as possible so they can move out on their own.

Ultimately, finding a new job in another city will be challenging but people who are prepared will stand a better chance of successfully getting through this situation. Again, no one should ever move to another city without having money and a start date for a new job; unless they have a support network in place to help them out.