New City Life Makeover

There are many reasons for moving in to a new city and starting things all over again. It could be a very painful divorce. It could also be because of a job promotion. Whatever the reason is, the point is for you to start with the right foot forward as you embark on a new journey.

Whether you are moving because of a positive reason or a painful past, leaving people behind in your old place is not easy. However, since you have already decided to move on, it is best for you to just accept things as they are and feel good about the changes.

Start with a Positive Perspective

Before doing anything in your new city, you need to set your mind first that something positive will happen and that you have made the right decision. Sometimes, having a good perspective helps a lot. When you think you are heading the right direction, you will feel good about yourself and your environment. However, if right from the start, you are not happy with your new environment, then you can’t expect to be productive later on.

A Physical Change

Though some people might look at it as a very shallow move, but the truth is that doing physical changes could help improve your perspective. For instance, you can cut your hair or have it dyed. You can also do minor cosmetic surgeries to slightly change your appearance. You can also change the way you dress up and your color choices. If you are not used to wearing stilettos, you might want to start wearing them. When you are happy with the changes you have made, it will have ripple effects in terms of your actions.

Don’t Let History Repeat Itself

If you have done something wrong in the past that have driven you to move to a new city, make sure you don’t do it again. If you have had financial troubles, try to be more responsible this time. If you have cut ties with your friends because of what you have done to them, try to improve your relationship with others this time. Change your attitude especially when dealing with other people and you will soon feel the positive effects of these actions.

Yes, moving to a new city is not easy. It is frightening as it is exciting. Thus, you need to take these simple steps to ensure that your decision to move to a new city is justified.

Fighting Crimes or Fires in New York City May Require Lasik

A friend of mine recently relocated to New York City and she was telling me that one of most unexpected changes to her life from the move was that she no longer had to wear glasses. No, she explained, she wasn’t magically healed by the city. Instead, she had undergone Lasik eye surgery before she relocated because she works in law enforcement and New York City has stringent uncorrected visual acuity requirements in place for their police officers and firefighters.

Without Lasik, her eyes just didn’t meet the standards the department required. Having always wanted to live in New York City, as a little girl her favorite game wasn’t ‘house’ it was ‘Manhattan Apartment,’ she didn’t want to let the opportunity slip away from her when she new she could have her vision surgically corrected. While the cost of Lasik required her to save some months, she calculated the alternative: glasses purchases…and the loss of her dream job and decided it was well worth the outlay.

Since taking the job, she has described the other benefits of having perfect uncorrected vision:

“When I am out in the heat, I’m not sweating on my glasses and then trying to clean them with my shirt, leaving everything in a bit of a haze. I can also wear super dark sunglasses when I want and don’t have to switch back and forth between regular glasses and sunglasses everytime the light changes or I go inside. I had those photogray lenses, but they just never got dark enough – or changed fast enough – for me.”

Something else that she brought up was just how much easier it was for her to find her way around. Prior to the surgery, she had required bifocals but she had never felt like she could see as clearly as she wanted when switching between focusing on her dashboard GPS and the world beyond her windshield.

Finally, she said, not wearing glasses has boosted her confidence:

“You know how the girl in the movies always becomes beautiful without her glasses? I wanted to go ahead and be that girl. I’ve always felt I look better without my glasses, but not if I’m bumping into tables and chairs. After the Lasik, I can go out with just my face – no smudgy glasses sliding down my nose, and no squinting at people when I’ve taken them off. It may seem like a small thing, but I really think I’ve been more talkative and outgoing since I feel better about how I look.”

With this newfound confidence, she has been able to make more friends in the area. She actually met some of them in the doctor’s office, but more importantly, she really feels that her newly corrected vision makes it easier for her to do her job.

Sometimes, it’s the things that you don’t immediately think about as being part of moving that have the most profound impact on the experience. And maybe having to make some changes at the same time that things around you are changing, isn’t so bad after all.

Know Where You’re Going and What You Need

Relocation is never easy. Never. Even when it’s an employment opportunity organised by your current company where you have the advantage of a corporate who’s done this before holding your hand and making the arrangements. Plus, the semblance of something in common with the people you’ll meet on the other side. Despite all these, culture shock can set in. And yes, you’ll find culture shock even moving in-between towns. It’s important to stay kind to yourself during the process.

There’s way you can reduce the strain on yourself during the relocation process, of course.  You can find a stack of great tips for relocating here, but today I want to focus on just a few.

My first point is achingly obvious, but you’d be surprised how often it’s an issue- and that’s why I’m giving it special focus today. Know what you need for where you’ll be working. Sound simple? It isn’t always. Especially if your relocation is spanning continents. Even if your employer is handling all or part of the arrangements, you need to be an active participant in this process. Your employer may be operating on the assumption that you have the paperwork you don’t. Many countries require visas, especially if you’re entering the country to work. You’d be flabbergasted by the amount of people who don’t notice their passport has expired until they get to the front of the immigration cue!

Those are obvious documents, though. Be sure to check for hidden ones too. For example, safety legislation here mandates that those in construction have valid white cards to work in Australia.

The white card is a piece of safety legislation that mandates construction workers (and those in related fields) to undertake safety induction and accreditation. For those who are familiar with the requirements of working in the construction industry, you may note that it is an updated version of the old ‘green card’. Too much can go wrong in this dangerous industry to trust immigrating workers whose training has not been checked. Therefore, it’s extra vital that those immigrating to our country take care of this piece of required legislation – or they won’t be working.

It’s just one example of the many snags you can hit if you’re not paying attention during your relocation process. Look around your own industry and make sure you’re not missing anything.

There’s one other relocation tip I’d like to highlight today. It’s a little more ephemeral then my first- it’s the feeling of being comfortable. Of fitting in. It’s all well and good in your new town when everything is going right, but you’ll feel your first pangs of regret the first time real life steps into the breach. Remember you’re never alone, especially in the digital age – if you’re feeling at a loss in an unfamiliar area, let Google step in to help you.

For example, after a DIY disaster of my own in the US one year, I was left with a streaming tap, a broken faucet and not much clue how to fix it. I wasn’t even used to the American water system, let alone capable of navigating through a minefield of unfamiliar brands. I wasn’t keen or well enough budgeted for hiring a plumber, but my usual DIY fallback was missing too. Cue Google, and my discovery of for the best kitchen faucet reviews for the American market.  I was able to figure out the best tap for my own needs, despite the unfamiliarity of the market and my own sudden pangs of homesickness. With their helpful breakdowns, specifications and reviews,  life felt a little more normal – maybe I was in an unfamiliar city with few friends, but at least I could still fix my own darn taps like I could back home.

Don’t be afraid to reach out, even just online, to help yourself feel more comfortable in your new home.

Driving to Your Next Interview? Check Out These Tips on Landing a Job in a New City

Finding employment in a new city does not have to be difficult if you plan ahead and get everything in order. The following information will help people to understand the steps they need to take to get them through this process.

Find a Job while you Work

A wise person will never quit a job without having another job to take its place. It’s just not smart.

People who decide to move to another city should start looking for a job in that destination at least six months in advance and should not stop working in their current job when they are planning on moving to another town. Since they will need money to help them move and to pay their bills and should never relocate to another city without having a start date for a new job.

Networking and Social Media

Networking might be a necessary option for people who are having a hard time finding a job within a different city. Connecting with people in an out-of-town location can open up new doors that could lead to a job. Some people might not know anyone in a new area and these individuals can use social media to help them find a new gig.

Social media could be used to follow a company and learn about job openings and company events. Nearly all companies and businesses have websites and people can learn about job openings on their web pages. They can also contact human resource departments through social media sites and learn about job openings in this way.

A person could find out about a company sponsored event and go to that function to meet other employees. This will give them an opportunity to establish new contacts that could help them to find a job. People can also ask their friends or acquaintances if they know anyone who lives in the city where they plan on settling down. These individuals could also create opportunities for finding a new job.

Always be Prepared

People who are searching for a new job within another town should be ready for any type of opportunity is available. They should have enough money put away for traveling out-of-town for an interview, and if money is tight, you could always throw on one of these and make it an inexpensive road trip. They should also have resumes ready to hand out to employees and they should consider getting a set of personal business cards that lists their essential contact information.


Sometimes a person will get an interview before they relocate to another town. Truck driving is a prime example of this; if you are thinking of taking on a career in this, you should understand that relocating is just part of the job. If the opportunity happens to present itself an individual should have enough personal time, vacation or sick days saved up so they can take time off for the interview. A person could lose their job or mess up their work record if they have to call off work to complete the interview.

Friends and Family

Having friends and relatives in a new location can help to make their transition to a new city a lot easier. This is especially true for people who can stay with family and friends once they arrive in their new destination. However, a person can not stay in that situation forever and they will need to find work. People should wisely use their family and friends help to find a job as soon as possible so they can move out on their own.

Ultimately, finding a new job in another city will be challenging but people who are prepared will stand a better chance of successfully getting through this situation. Again, no one should ever move to another city without having money and a start date for a new job; unless they have a support network in place to help them out.

Tips for Unsuccessful Job Seekers

You may just be one of the unlucky job seekers. Perhaps you are at the brink of giving up hopes of ever securing one. Old methods of job search and resume building could be some of the most notable causes of your reduced chances of success. Smart strategies and innovative packaging of one's self have become critical in the current employment landscape.

Finding a job in today’s market entails a few tricks. It is imperative that one eyeing the formal sector updates their curriculum vitae smartly. This entails letting your intended employer why you are a good fit for the job you are applying for. It is not just a matter of making your CV longer than it was the day before.

The truth is, you don't really have to mention everything you have done in your employment history. After all, these things can be discussed during your interview. However, it is important to keep in mind that you should include past work experiences which are relevant to the job your are looking to secure.

Your attitude when it comes to working with a team will speak volumes about you. Make sure to mention that you have worked within a team in the past and have made a noteworthy contribution that perhaps led to attainment of a target. Most employers have a thing for charity services. If you have ever done charity work, make sure to mention that in your CV.

If you don't end up successful right away, don't give up. Failure to secure a much coveted job is not necessarily bad omen. The job market is very competitive these days. What's more important is to think of ways to get ahead of the competition.

Change Your Strategy

A change of strategy is the way out. Therefore, you need to look at a variety of options during your search.

Websites that offer tools which can help job seekers are readily available. Make it a point to use them. You can post your resume online after setting up an account. You will then be able to get in touch with potential employers and browse all of the available jobs that are presently up for grabs.

Start Your Own Business by Selling Your Skills

This is just one way of going about it. You can also opt to start a private business venture; preferably a service industry that will not require a lot of capital.

Interior design is a strategic industry to consider; judging from the fact that everyone must live in a house and most homeowners employ the expertise of an interior designer to spruce up their homes. Plus, it can be very rewarding both financially and personally. Interior designers do more than just pick out color schemes or furniture for the living room. They choose everything from the beautiful chandeliers right down to the best kitchen faucets that would suit the look and feel of their clients' homes. If this isn't for you, pick an industry wherein your skills and experience are relevant.

Of course, the tools and equipment you use for your business are just as important as your skills. Say you are a painter, it is important for you to have the latest paint sprayer sprayer so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently (in this case, airless ones are all the rage among painters). How will you know which is the best airless paint sprayer in today's market? Use the internet. You can talk to fellow painters in forums, ask around on Facebook or Twitter, and read reviews posted by people who also use paint sprayers.

Tips when you Move to Australia for Work

Photo by Prince Roy and reproduced under Creative Commons

Sydney and Melbourne are both incredibly beautiful cities in their own right, but there is also the city of glitz and glamour, the Gold Coast. This coastal city is a hot pot of all things exciting and entertaining – it is like they took Miami and dropped it off right at the coast of Australia.  The Gold Coast can offer you many things that both Sydney and Melbourne cannot – though also the other way around. Cultural arts take a back seat to a very vibrant night life. Moving interstate to the world-renowned Gold Coast is a great idea if you prefer the glitz and glamour of the night life to the art galleries and museums of Australia’s largest cities.

And yet still, these are not the only choices when it comes to moving interstate in Australia. Perth is a generally isolated city that comes with two extremes. It is a contradictory city because it is both metropolitan and a veritable jungle all at once. It is a city that has merged with nature to become something unlike any other – a concrete jungle of sorts. Those who wish to be in touch with nature but cannot be away from the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan area need look no further than this fine city, which also shares the distinction with the cities above as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Removalists would also thank you as it is generally quite easy to move there from interstate.

Overall, there are many more choices than the ones presented above, but the reason these cities were chosen was because of their contrasting qualities. Knowing what you want in a city and is important if you are planning to move interstate. Choosing the right removalist is just as important.

Thankfully, Australia has plenty of different interstate removalists that are not only efficient, but affordable as well.  From Rexgo Removals, Morgan Removals and Swiss Movers, to Ezi Removals and MiniMovers, these are furniture moving businesses who earned their reputation through overall excellence. When it comes to removalists, there are none much better than the top five mentioned above. Interstate removalists need to be especially careful which is why you need the best of the best when choosing to move interstate in Australia.

Find out more about removalists guide in Australia by clicking here.

Can Cosmetic Surgery Help Your Career Opportunities in a New City?

Hundreds of men and women move to a new city each year in hopes of finding better career opportunities. Unfortunately, with so many people looking for jobs in a big city, landing your dream job is not as easy as it may seem. The competition can be tough. Some have better qualifications, skills, and more experience in the position you are applying for. Plus let's be honest, there are some companies that don't hire based on qualifications alone. They also look at the physical appearance of a candidate.

Yes, it seems unfair and rather ridiculous. After all, looks have nothing to do with how you will be doing your job. Except of course, if you're going for a career as an actress or a model. But that's the truth. There are companies that factor in the physical appearance of an applicant when making their decision to hire.

You see, the first thing recruiters will notice when you walk into the door is how you look. If you don't look good, you would need to work extra hard to sell yourself and your skills. This is where self-confidence comes in. If you feel good about yourself, you have a better chance of convincing employers that you are the right person for the job.

Unfortunately, there are instances where no matter what you do, your self-confidence stays down. You're not alone. There are numerous men and women these days who are thinking of getting cosmetic surgery so they can feel good about themselves.

Is Plastic Surgery Right for You?

There are many factors you need to consider before you decide to get cosmetic surgery. First of all, are you sure this is what you want? Are you ready for such a life changing procedure? Can your finances handle it?

The after effects of plastic surgery can be both good and bad. Most people who have cosmetic surgery end up very happy with the outcome. However, there are also some who have had a procedure done and ended up hating it. It's not advisable to get cosmetic surgery if your only purpose is to give your career a boost. These types of procedures are permanent. You would have to be ready for some lifestyle changes. It is important that your decision be based on the fact that you want to feel good about yourself and not just because you just want an edge when you apply for a job.

It's no secret that plastic surgery is expensive. This is why you also need to include your finances in the list of things you need to consider. According to the Trim Tummy Guide, liposuction prices range from $1500 to $7500, depending on the area. This cost does not include other expenses such as post-op medications, lab test fees, and hospital bills.

The most common type of cosmetic surgery women get is breast augmentation. Surgeons generally charge less for this type of procedure. However, the overall costs depend on the type of implants you choose. A breast procedure website says that silicone implants used for breast augmentation cost more than those made of saline. Good news is, the choice of what type of implant to use will be up to you. 

The last thing you need to consider is the support of your family and friends. This may not seem important but it actually is. Cosmetic surgery such as liposuction or breast augmentation are major medical procedures that will require you to stay in bed and rest for a week or two. During this time, you should have people around to take care of you.

Plastic surgery is definitely something you should to consider if you are thinking of giving your career a boost. It will give you a healthy dose of self-confidence which can help you hand the job of your dreams.

3 Ways to Easily be at Home in a Foreign Place

Relocating to a new place can prove to be difficult. For one, you need to adjust to the people around you. You do not know them and neither do they know you. Therefore, conversation with them would be fairly limited. Another is the fact that you do not know much about the place that going from one place to another can be troublesome.

Since the feeling of being left out and alone in a foreign place lasts only as long as the place itself is foreign to you, it is important that you get to know it as soon as possible. This will help greatly in making you feel at home. For someone like you who relocated because of a career opportunity, using your free time off from work to get this done is a great thing.

Here are some very handy tips you could follow to get to know your new city real quick:

Meet people

Be willing to struck small talks with people in your immediate community. Tell them that you are new to the place and is just trying to get to know your new community. Doing this would open up doors for you. People almost always tend to help out by offering as much information they can give about the place. In addition to just getting to know your new place, you get to have new friends too. So, you are hitting two birds with one stone.

Go on a tour

Another great idea is to tour around the city. There are many different ways to do this. You can either go on foot or ride a taxi. However, a better idea is to rent a bike, if you do not have one of your own, and ride around town. Motorcycles are faster so you can cover more places in a short span of time. Moreover, fuel expenses would be much lower as compared to your expenses with taxis.

This however, can prove to be a little expensive and could cut a good portion of your income. You can remedy this, though by trying out different ways to earn income. This site offers a good alternative income source to help you earn money to support your local touring.

Food destinations

Lunch out is also a good way to get to know the place without having to spend too much of your off-work time since you could do it even on working days. Look for a good place to lunch. You can ask some officemates or search online for a good place. Try it out, and see if the people are happy with what is being served. You can go back or try another place the following day. This can give you exposure both to the food as well as the locals.

Another approach is to personally visit and buy from food market. This will truly give you so much of what you need to know about the place.

Always remember that your first few weeks in the place would be spent trying to settle down so you would have a lot of spending. Be sure to have a good alternative income to help you get around easily.

Find a competitive medical billing salary and explore photography in new city

Finding a competitive medical billing and coding salary to see what you’re worth when moving to a new city is an important process. This shouldn’t be too difficult, since this is an important line of work and many places are looking for people who have this kind of skill.

This wasn’t that difficult for me when I tried it since I mostly just searched the big sites like Monster and Indeed. Places like Craigslist also helped me with my search. The important thing, I found, was to make sure that you don’t settle for the first job you find. Half the time, this industry has multiple jobs available. I just kept searching for medical billing once I got to my new city until there were jobs in the salary range I wanted, and then I kept going until I found one that had everything I wanted in it. It wasn’t just the salary either, I held out for a job in the medical billing and coding world that was actually enjoyable to me, with people I got along with, in a location that was good for my particular needs.

In the end, what worked the best was moving a bit to accomplish my goal of getting the job I wanted. But fortunately, I found plenty of other great things to do in the new city. For example, I took a bunch of photography courses to learn amateur photography in my spare time, and that let me take a lot of great shots of the new city and really explore it thoroughly.I also explored the local restaurant scene. There are a lot of great places to eat around here. There are plenty of interesting dive bars, for example, and I love going from one to another and seeing the differences in each and enjoying them each differently. In some of them you find a lot of truly unique solo acts too, for example. I enjoy hearing indie musician, singers, and bands and really digging into their music since it’s often way more unique than what you hear on the radio. There’s a lot more personality and soul to it.

I even eventually took some lessons myself and now I’m one of the world’s worst piano players. But I do find that it’s fun to play now and again in addition to my other hobbies. Playing the piano just has this cool feel to it. You can get a lot of the pounding emotions in your head out quickly and easily. It’s like its own kind of therapy all by itself. You can realize that you feel things that you never even knew before. I’m looking forward to my new lessons in the city so that I can get better and better at the piano over time and maybe even eventually come up with my own music. The exciting thing though, is just looking around the city and realizing that there are a nearly infinite number of possibilities for what I can do and learn if I just put my mind to it.

Insurance Options for Australian Small Business Owners

Photo by David Hilowitz and reproduced under Creative Commons

Running a small business, whether you are in Australia or in other parts of the world, requires a lot of thinking. There are so many concerns that you need to get out of the way before you can look forward to a sizeable profit. That is, if you will ever get there before losing your sanity at all.

Then again, it should not bother you that a small business will take a good lot of your time. Instead, it should inspire you to move forward and work harder to know that what you are working for is all yours.

On the flip side, make sure you understand that having your own business requires you to take responsibility. Mishaps do happen and you must be well prepared for the bad times – as well as the good. That’s what insurance is for.

There are various insurance options that you may look at to give you the coverage you need in case a wrong move causes injury or damage to your customers.

One good insurance option for small business owners is public liability insurance. This is the most common policy that those who wish to be successful in their own flight would often require.

Public liability insurance is specifically required for businesses whose office address is frequented by customers. Even if an accident in your premises is not your own doing, defending yourself legally can be expensive, especially if the customer who suffered an injury or loss is serious about pursuing a case.

Public liability covers your business and your staff while they are within the scope of their duties. It also covers for external events, given that it is covered by your normal business activities. If you are running a small restaurant and you are tasked to cater to an outside event, the policy will also cover for that. Otherwise, talk to an insurance expert regarding additional coverage that you can add to suit the requirements of your business. Visit this useful website to find out more about public liability insurance for Australian Businesses.

Mostly, those who run a business that provides professional services to clients also add professional indemnity insurance. It’s a type of policy that provides a payout in case a customer suffers loss or injury due to negligence or wrongdoing.

Other insurance options are also available to small business owners, depending on the level of coverage they need, including product liability insurance, motor insurance, equipment liability insurance, and employers’ liability insurance among others. Want to learn more about professional indemnity insurance? Find out more here.

10 Things to Consider Before Moving to a New City

Moving to a new city or town is always stressful even under the best circumstances. When you need to hire someone else to assist in moving, several guidelines are usually provided so you can make sure that all of your belongings are moved safely. Essentially, know your mover and ensure that their licenses are valid under the proper authority. Always check for previous complaints and do thorough background checks before hiring them to handle your property. However, moving to a new location calls for prior study of the area before relocating. The compiled list below includes some of the top areas you should consider so as to successfully embrace the change.

1. Schools –  Do a research on all the academic institutions in the area you are relocating to. These institutions may include colleges, high schools as well as universities. Check their performances over a period of time and go for the best.

2. Health Care –  Visit the local hospital and also research all the alternative health care services providers around the area you are relocating to. It is also important to do a research on the common diseases and outbreaks that have been experienced in the area and may be getting vaccination against them.

3. Employment Rates – It’s essential to always consider the economic standing of the town you are moving to. This will ensure that you do not have a rough time when you are looking for employment.

4. Crime Rates –  Security is always a key factor to consider when relocating. Research all the neighborhoods around town and get a better idea of their security levels. Consider moving to the safest areas as this will provide peace of mind for you as well as for your family.

5. Shopping – Ensure that the town you are relocating to has a variety of stores and shopping areas. These include grocery stores, supermarkets and even shopping malls. Also ensure that these areas are not too far of a distance from where you live.

6. Political Affiliation – Consider the political beliefs of the town you are moving to and ensure that you are unintentionally put in an uncomfortable position. This will also make it easier for you to make new friends.

7. Entertainment & Culture –  In order to keep things fun and exciting make sure that the new location has a variety of cultural and entertainment options. This will prove to be  favorable for all members of the family including children. Depending on your personal preferences you may also need to look into their cultural norms like are they to your personal belief system of alternative medication for example.

8. Weather – Ensure that your home will not be put in danger by moving to a region that experiences severe weather conditions such as storms, earthquakes  or even fires.

9. Proximity to Other Larger Cities – Ensure that the town that you are relocating to is at a close distance to other big cities. This is because you cannot always find everything in your town and the need to go to bigger towns may arise.

10. Financial Stability – Make sure that you are and also able to make ends meet even in a new location

These are just some of the few tips that you should consider in order to make it easier to embrace change when relocating to a new location.